The new Italdroghe image

The new logo and the creation of new packaging solutions

Over the years, our image has evolved in line with the development of the company. The company’s trademark has changed many times to reflect the latest graphic trends and market needs, until it finally took its current form.

Our new logo, pictured inside a circle, symbolises a container of quality ingredients, which we have selected and mixed in compliance with our old corporate traditions. The same message is conveyed with the new claim “Family spices since 1920”, emphasising Italdroghe’s experience in the sector and the fact that its products have been “created by a family for Italian families”.

The company’s leadership has been passed down from generation to generation since its foundation. Our spices have become so successful that they are now an essential requirement in kitchens for cooks who love excellence.

Our new packaging has higher visibility and greater impact at the point of sale thanks to the new line art illustrations of the main ingredients, making them immediately recognisable and more appealing.

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